Meet Our Donors and Partners

We are pleased to recognize the following individuals and organizations for their generous contributions to the Foundation in 2020. We are grateful for the support.


Judith Thorn and Kevin Satiskey


Naomi Law, The Spencer-Beran Family, Penny and Gary Wagher


Marcia Bullis, Stephen & Susan Bailey, Elizabeth Hippely, F&M Bank, Michelle Kroll, Martin Reichel, Debra Rigney-Hays, Fred & Mary Visel, Harold Watters, Kit & Pamela Wilcox


Stuart & Holly Allison, Guy Cahill, Roger & Anne Taylor, Owen & Susan Hall Muelder, Paula Reichel & Justin Martucci

Up to $249

Robert & Judy Boynton, Mary Lou Brock, Dustin & Christina Bruner, Dorothy Bunde, Sharon Buser-Boyd, Dr. Jim Cecil, Darrell & Cecelia Clevidence, John & Diane Dooley, Terri Dowell, Robert & Christine Fulton, Don & Sandy Gillenwater, Tom & Anne Golden, Ron & Judy Greek, Jim & Janet Hardine, Kathy & Steve Hawes, Sheryl Hinman, David & Christine Howland, Agnes Kimbell, James & Beverly Lawson, Susan & Maury Lyon, Carla Markwart, Evan & Amy Massey, Liz Means, Robert & Susan Mills, Don & Carolyn Moffit, LeAnn Morgan, Ronald & Julie Morris, Ann Nixon, Sandra Odell, Thomas & Patricia Olson, Michael & Mary Panther, Roger & Dorothy Peterson, Victor & Cynthia Rich, Daniel Richards, Carley & Phillip Robinson, Paul & Johanna Schuller, Faye & Charles Schulz, Elizabeth Schwigen, Heather Sipes, Dr. Carl & Debra Strauch, Lane & Jacklyn Sunderland, Joe Slez & Anne Tadie-Slez, Nancy & Kevin Terpening, Noelle & Robert Thompson, Daniel Thompson, Dennis & Lynn Twitty, Susan VanKirk, Pamela VanKirk, Joel Ward & Laurie Sauer, Roger & Melissa Williamson